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The rain.

I will never get over how the Supernatural fandom had a Destiel freakout over Dean calling Cas 'Huggy Bear'. How everyone thought it was the most endearing thing ever.

Ahhahahahaha. Nope :D I mean, sure, it's been forty years since Starsky & Hutch aired, but still. Basic pop culture knowledge.
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Hopeless wanderer.

The thing about Jared Padalecki is that everyone always makes him out to be this huge, gigantic towering wall of a man. So I looked up his height. And he's shorter than both my brother and my dad.

Which leads to the question: is everyone else on Supernatural actually just kind of tiny, or has my perspective of the usual height of people been skewed since birth?
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A thousand miles.

If war ever breaks out round here I'll be the last one to know, thanks to living practically right next to an army base for most of my life. Is something important going on, or do they just enjoy cruising around in their helicopters in the middle of the night?

Oneshot: All good things

Title: All good things
Rating: PG-13, warning for attempted suicide and slight foul language
Summary: Leaving is never as easy as it seems.

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Notes: This has been hanging around on my computer forever.

I wonder if we are still doing the 100 fics challenge? Because if yes, then this is 19/100 for me (after a two year break...) with the prompt 027. Replacement, Heechul / Kibum.
Archive for the challenge.
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Jibun Kakumei.

Another year, another live by Miyavi!

First of all, I must say I hadn't realized just how much I missed j-rock. Or maybe more accurately the feeling of letting go, being young again (lately I've felt a hundred years old), swaying to the music, being a part of a crowd where everyone is just as excited as you are. Not many things live up to that.

Miyavi continues to be an absolute sweetheart, that's all I can say. And whether or not one likes him, there's no denying that he is one very, very talented musician. He has that rare talent of capturing the entire audience with his presence alone.

I'm never coherent after these things, but here are some of the highlights:

- The music from the new album is good!

- Still, Miyavi also told us that he wants to respect his history, and told us to request older tracks. Such a good idea, a house full of crazed fans screaming the names of basically every track he hadn't performed so far that night...

- But in the end he played (among others) Ashita, gengki ni naare and Itôshii hito (he went "This track is so popular, I don't know..." and asked us to sing along. We did. Saying 'it was beautiful' sounds incredibly silly, but it honestly was.)

- His English! It's still really good! Sure, he has an accent, but most non-native speakers do. He also swears a lot, but at times he did it a little ironically, like he was mocking his own on-stage bravado :D

- At one point he spoke about the catastrophe in Japan, and I've never seen (or heard) a club go so silent. His words were very well chosen and very touching; finally he asked us to join in for a silent moment in honor of all those who lost their lives. Miyavi is working together with the Red Cross throughout the entire tour, and there were donation boxes at the venue.

- He told that he had wondered whether he should skip the entire tour because of the earthquake. He had had to leave his family, his friend, his home behind. His friends are still suffering greatly. But then, he said, this is what he knows how to do, this is what he can do. So he'd come, and I truly hope we were able to help, even if it was for just that tiny little bit.

- He filmed the crowd a lot, and at one point he asked if he could film us shouting "Nippon! Ganbare!" Silly guitarist, of course we did it. There was no way we wouldn't have.

- The new album is to be his official worldwide debut; this was discussed in great lengths, and he went "Yes it's going to be a super motherfucking awesome world. wide. debut. as a Japanese guitarist." And yes, that was one of the more ironic comment