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SuJu 100 fics: archive

So here we go!

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100 Super Junior Fics Challenge
Date started: January 13th 2008
Current progress: 019/100

001. Freefall, Eeteuk/Kangin
Summary: "What's this? A fun fare?"
Finished: January 15th 2008, fic count 3/100

019. Clocks, Shindong/Eunhyuk
Summary: When Eunhyuk faces the threat of having to appear in a dreaded variety show - all thanks to Junsu - he resorts to the only reasonable option: hiding. Shindong’s opinion on this logic differs, though.
Finished: January 2nd 2009, fic count 18/100

020. Glow, Donghae/Kibum
Summary: Rainy days never stays
Finished: February 4th 2008, fic count 10/100

024. Spotlight, Sungmin/Kyuhyun
Summary: What exactly was going on when Sungmin performed "Just when I needed you most" on Star King
Finished: March 16th 2008, fic count 14/100

027. Replacement, Heechul/Kibum
Summary: They rush Jungsu to the hospital in the middle of the night when Monday is busy turning into Tuesday and Seoul still hasn't gone to sleep.
Finished: September 1st 2011, fic count 19/100

036. Bathroom Tiles, Hankyung/Shiwon
Summary: Shiwon wakes up in the middle of the night as the nature calls.
Finished: January 13th 2008, making this 1/100!

042. Suits, Kibum/Kyuhyun
Summary: Kibum is delirious, Kyuhyun listens and speaks.
Finished: February 3rd 2008, fic count 9/100

043. Washing machines, Donghae/Shiwon
Summary: The last night ever for the world to be whole for one of them.
Finished: February 25th 2008, fic count 12/100

057. Scales, Donghae/Kyuhyun
Summary: Donghae plays, Kyuhyun listens.
Finished: January 27th 2008, fic count 7/100

058. Lies, Shiwon/Shiwon
Summary: In the dead of the night Shiwon serves his country.
Finished: December 29th 2008, fic count 17/100

059. Calendar, Eeteuk/Eeteuk
Summary: Eeteuk reflects over some of the good times ^^
Finished: February 9th 2008, fic count 11/100

062. God, Hankyung/Kangin
Summary: Answers don’t come easy for anyone. Afternoon in the train station.
Finished: January 28th 2008, fic count 8/100

065. Grip, Donghae/Donghae
Summary: Lost in space, Donghae drifts across in search for The One
Finished: August 4th 2008, fic count 16/100

068. Degradation, Kibum/Kibum
Summary: the one where I horribly abuse Kibum.
Finished: January 14th 2008, fic count 2/100

086. Violins, Eunhyuk/Kibum
Summary: Eunhyuk and Kibum find a common tune ^_~
Finished: January 20th 2008, fic count 5/100

095. Drowning, surprise/surprise
Summary: What if this was never meant to be?
Finished: January 16th 2008, fic count 4/100

096. "I like you. I like you. I like you."
Summary: SJM comes back from China, Eunhyuk welcomes Henry back in a way of his own
Finished: June 28th 2008, fic count 15/100

097. Glasses, general
Summary: Hae and Hyuk’s hyper-activeness ends disastrously and Eeteuk’s heart nearly stops. (I’m the WORST at summarising!)
Finished: January 24th 2008, fic count 6/100

100. Regrets, Kihae
Summary: Kibum makes a bet and a choice, both of which he'll come to regret later on
Finished: March 9th 2008, fic count 13/100
Tags: challenge, fandoms, fiction, super junior
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